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The Winter Sun Series


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The Winter Sun Series

Vicky Hersheson

First stop: The busy girls 'real' guide to winter sun:  

How you can maximise your winter break with a couple of little, yet transformative things! 

So it may seem obvious, but, preparation is the key to maximising your well earned break. It's never too early to start planning your holiday reading list/what you're going to take, and what you need to prep - plus let's be honest, it's always nice to have something positive to look forward to as the nights draw in!

A wise person once taught me that a little bit of preparation can lead to greatly reduced stress - and in this case it can also help you pack light - minimising your stress levels getting there, and maximising your enjoyment while you are there. This counts even more nowadays when we don't have the luxury of endless time (and excess luggage charges - sigh... ) 

It may sound a bit OTT but trust me doing a quick outfit plan of your key day and night 'looks' pays massive dividends when you're there and ensures you feel happy, comfortable and your very best for your time away. Not taking the time is the very definition of false economy (I am a true convert to this method - the 5am packing of my entire wardrobe never did me any favours...other than bringing me five pairs of shorts and one shoe...) 

It only takes an hour or two if you really crack on, and that time spent will save you loads of time stressing while you're away - which gives more time for the important things... tanning/cocktails and enjoying yourself : ) 

The reality is, we would all like to have a glam squad/stylist/personal chef/trainer and assistant but alas most of us don't, so here are a couple more of our top 'realistic' winter sun preparation tips for the modern day girl:

  1. Start now working out your reading list - whether it be Tolstoy or Jilly Cooper jus make sure you figure out ahead of time what you're most likely to enjoy. Nothing better than getting engrossed in a great book and definitely not so fun doing the mad airport book dash only to find you pick up a stinker.... #fail (plus means more time for duty free!) 
  2. Outfit schedule - the core ideas for each day and night helps you feel comfortable and ensures you don't pack your entire wardrobe! No extra luggage charges here! 
  3. Beach Body Prep - in the run up to Christmas everyone likes to get glammed up so worth booking one Saturday afternoon in advance to get all your waxing/nails/exfoliation and spray tan done in advance. Beat the rush! Also worth asking if they do a discount for multi treatments - if you don't ask you don't get! There are also great at home apps nowadays where you can get someone to come to you - lovely! (Ruby is my favourite). Will also likely be cheaper than doing treatments whilst you're there. 
  4. Winter is a great time to pick up summer clothing bargains. Only top tip here (learnt from bitter experience!) make sure the fabrics are breathable (no matter how nice they might look) nothing kills your vibe more than getting a sweat on in your outfit! I also don't believe you have to spend a fortune on bikinis - nowadays brands like ASOS do a fantastic collection and the price points are such that you don't mind if they only last a couple of seasons. Winning.
  5. Feeling good - no need to crash diet ahead of your holiday (and unlikely pre Xmas) but whatever your shape or size or how hard or not you've been hitting the gym, it's always nice to feel good so worth starting a routine of hot water, lemon, ginger and apple cider vinegar to flush away toxins and bloating (esp around Xmas party season!) make it the first thing you do each day. A good habit to have. 
  6. Body brushing, Epsom salts in a bath and a bit of coconut oil post exfoliation on your skin beats away toxins and helps you glow regardless of what happened at the Christmas party....
  7. Low maintenance make up is also just what you want for winter sun. Investing in semi permanent eye lashes is a great way of hitting the beach make up free but still feeling just a little bit glam. A bit of an investment but well worth it. 
  8. It's a wrap - it may seems a strange notion when you're going away for a hot holiday but if you can, take with you a nice big scarf or wrap for; the plane on the way there (always freezing), for nights in case it gets cold, and most importantly to protect yourself from the severe shock to the system when you land back at Heathrow - ease the pain! 
  9. Finally - obvious - but moisturiser and sun block is the key... No one likes the reptilian look.

Next... Our guides to the winter sun hot spots. First up... St Barths:


Love the bb robinson team x