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bb robinson’s favourite St Barths spots…


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bb robinson’s favourite St Barths spots…

Vicky Hersheson

First of all in our humble opinion, the best time for this magical little Island is off peak (Christmas and New Year is definitely a touch on the wild side… ) that’s when you get a taste of the real St Barths vibe; understated, chic, laid-back bohemian cool…

Worth noting too - best time from a  weather perspective (i.e not too much rain/humidity) is November – May – little bit warm after that even for us and we like it hot!

Ok so… this is not not an exhaustive list by any means – (guides like Conde Nast Traveller and Vogue have a much broader selection) these are just a few spots that we love and think you shouldn’t miss:

For the low key and chill:

  1. Colombier beach – the hide-away only accessible by hike or boat – we love that - watch for the turtles!
  2. Do Brazil – sunset vibes, low key cocktails right on Shell beach – no footwear required…
  3. Tom’s Juice Bar – for healthy breakfasts/juices (lots of Acai!) I mean this is a bikini holiday after all….
  4. Maya’s To Go – for tasty treats back at your villa or a picnic on the beach (Maya’s too is nice – def worth making a reservation though)
  5. Jo Jo Burger – I mean – I think it speaks for itself…


For Swanky-pants:

  1. Turning the romance up: Bonito and L’Isola… candle light and a bit of glam
  2. Bagatelle and Le Ti for dinner/partaaay – (expect champagne and sparklers)
  3. The Sand Bar for lunch at Eden Roc – think Carribean meets Club 55…
  4. La Guerite – newer hot spot - perfect for a bit of outdoor dining in the port


So – fire up your Mini Mote… fill your bb robinson bag with suncream and a hat and enjoy the magic……  

Love the bb robinson Team x