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bb robinson's guide to skiing


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bb robinson's guide to skiing

Vicky Hersheson

One thing you may have noticed, is that the bb robinson team are not just in to sun, sea, sand and baskets, we are in to ALL kinds of travel, wanderlust is our middle name. Red wine, roaring fires, mountain air and a good day on the piste... Nothing wrong with that...

So - here is a quick guide to bb's fave resorts and what to catch when you're there:

Top resorts for a quick weekend get-away:

1. Megeve

45 mins from Geneva (with your foot down!), chocolate box town, lovely mountain restaurants and some fabulous hotels. The Paris set's choice du jour. Think chic and understated with a touch of glam.

Top tip: for dancing on the tables (seriously) head to La Sauvageonne.

2. Verbier

Slightly further (1.5hrs) and more of a party vibe. It goes like this... To the ski-lift, to après at La Rouge to Farm club aaaand repeat. It's fast and furious on both the party and the ski (large and challenging mountain with lots to do) - you can sleep later....

Top tip: for a very funny evening; rent a sledge a head-torch and head to Chez Dany. After a lovely mountain dinner it's time to sledge down! Seriously. Funniest night we've had (disclaimer: this is at your own risk - especially after a lovely glass of two of wine!)

3. Chamonix

For the serious skiers amongst you - camelbacks and skins at the ready and race for the first lift of the day.

Top tip: make the most of your stay and get a guide for the day - this is vast and you'll find lots of undiscovered spots. Magical and burns many calories! Yaaas!

4. Lech

 it's not just about France and Switzerland - what about Austria? Lech is St Anton's chicer older brother, plus you have Lech, Zurs and Oberlech to chose from. Spoilt for choice! Fly in to Innsbruck for a shorter journey time from the airport.

Top tip: for fondue you HAVE to head to Alter Goldener Berg, but make sure you book for the 'old building' - original features, open fires.... Sigh....

For further a-field when you have a couple of extra days to spare....

5. Gstaad

The epitome of understated and old-school chic. Classic and refined with one of our favourite ski hotels ever; Le Grand Belleuve -  go and say hello to the wonderful and ever-charming owner Daniel.

Top tip: a must see is the ultimate Gstaad institution - the Palace (we recommend afternoon tea or drinks vs dinner unless you have VERY deep pockets) then head downstairs to the famous Gaucho club (if you're feeling frisky!) n.b. The Alpina (new) is however fast giving the Palace a run for it's money....

6. St Moritz

This is not just a ski resort, this is home to the infamous Cresta run (lunatics only!). Skiing, shopping, restaurants and a pretty serious scene is what it's all about. Pack your (faux) fur and make sure you befriend a member of the Dracula club... You'll thank us after : )

Top tip: sleigh ride out into the Val Fex for a lovely rustic dinner - wrap up warm!

7. Aspen

Huge mountain (three to choose from in fact), members-only mountain restaurants and the wonderful Little Nell to stay at. There is a reason the Obama's have been spotted here...

Top tip: Cloud Nine is 'the' day spot to be seen at if you want a party vibe. For the more civilised of you - get your network on and make friends with a member of Aspen Mountain Club. Chic and unique and will warm your ski boots while you dine, fabulous!

8. Park City and Deer Valley

Everything you could want all in one spot - covers all the bases. Hardcore skiing (the Winter Olympics were hosted here), all types of restaurants and powder to die for (Park City) and a quick drive over to the chic and civilised Deer Valley although worth noting snowboarders are forbidden here!

Top tip: bb robinson likes the finer things in life so we say go to Deer Valley for the 'valet ski experience alone!' (Joking.... /not joking!) actually what is really cool is you can rent skidoos and bomb around for an hour or two in beautiful forest land. Amazing!

Finally... Ok so we're not suggesting you take your bb robinson basket with you, BUT we have discovered that your bb robinson basket insert is excellent and very handy to put your gloves, goggles, ski pass and hat in at the end of the day. Be gone the days of one glove and a lost ski pass. Perfect!!