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bb robinson’s guide to…. Tulum….our dream day....

Vicky Hersheson

Seems to us, that the ‘spot du jour’ for the boho-chic traveler is Tulum…. With its laid back cool, healthy vibes and endless white beaches… we can see why. At bb robinson we love sustainable, organic and eco-friendly and that is very much the vibe throughout Tulum – perfect!    

So, if you’re lucky enough to be getting your winter sun fix here – here is bb robinson’s ultimate day in Tulum:

Breakfast: our favourite place – nestled within the Sanara Tulum Hotel is The Real Coconut…. Excellent for tasty breakfast treats that wont compromise your January body goals and keep you looking in top bikini shape. Gluten, Grain, Dairy and Refined Sugar free #winning! Our favourites: the very Berry Chia Parfait and of course – no breakfast menu would be complete without - the Avocado Toast! Yum.

Lunch: Casa Malca – on the beach; light, local and totally eco friendly – what’s not to like!?  Keep it simple and go for their just caught grilled fish. You cant go wrong – any fresher and it would be still in the sea : )

Our favourite Dinner spot: Gitano: think rustic courtyard within the undergrowth and hundreds of tea-lights – the ultimate in beautiful boho chic. They cook everything either on the open fire grill or the wood burning oven. We would start with the basil guacamole and chips or ceviche and roasted cauliflower followed by the steamed fish and homemade tortillas finished off with the ultimate guava cheesecake (come on… you’re on holiday after all J )

The other must see (but very popular so book if you can) is Hartwood – down a jungle road is a place we think is the epitome of Tulum… it is all about being sustainable and eco-friendly here whilst being fabulous, delicious and the height of chic. Everything about the restaurant is sustainable, from the solar panels powering the lights and music to the organic compost that they put back in to the mangrove. All the ingredients are from the Mundo Maya and fish are properly spear hunted and the menu is different most days. A proper experience.

Finally – if you’re in the mood for music and a cocktail:

Papaya Playa – sundowners are a must here – guest DJs and soulful tunes to watch the sun go down. Bliss. For something a little more up-tempo the weekends host their famous ‘full moon’ parties once a month for those in the mood this is the spot to check out!

Enjoy! We are very jealous!

Love the bb robinson Team x