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Beach Body Ready... Eating carbs and Sleeping


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Beach Body Ready... Eating carbs and Sleeping

Vicky Hersheson

Yes really...

At this this time of year - most of us have our 'winter coats on' and the sun is just coming out... that's right - time to get out of hibernation and time to get in shape!! Sounds like a faff right?! So, we thought instead of the usual obvious 'eat less, exercise more' we're going to give you the little tips that we love to help get you beach body ready - some of which may surprise you!

Get rid of the bloat

Dry brushing, hot water and lemon first thing (even better is some apple cider vinegar in here) and as much as you can - just say no to caffeine and alcohol. Your body will thank you!

Get some sleep

You ever find that no matter what you do you can't shift that stubborn weight?! Yup - watch your hormones - it's still not widely appreciated but modern life plays havoc with hormones that cause our bodies to go in to storage mode - not enough sleep is terrible for this (also caffeine and alcohol) causing levels of cortisol and leptin to get out of whack - 8hrs a night is great for putting that right.

Not all Carbs are bad!

Whilst we are not suggesting you load up on fries, bread, pasta and pizza, having some low GI (that's glycocemic index - a low level means it releases sugar slowly in to your body) food in your evening meal has actually shown to promote sleep and regulate your hormones - hooray!  Our favourite low GI foods are a slice of whole meal bread, quinoa or some sweet potato. Plus starchy veg like peas, beans etc. Nice and filling.

Drink lots of lovely water

Mega obvious - ideally with a bit of lemon for fighting that bloat. Even better for making sure you don't throw those hormones out of whack; avoid plastic bottles - glass and filtered water the way forward....

Protein heavy breakfasts

This will fill you up and get your metabolism cracking. Our favourites are: Greek yogurt, oat bran with a handful of berries and walnuts (top tip cinnamon here is tasty and helps regulate blood sugar), porridge ideally with some fresh berries and cinnamon (avoid syrups and dried fruit - sugar spike) and of course scrambled eggs or an omelette.

Food Prep

At bb robinson we are big advocates of preparing food for the week ahead in advance. See below for one of our yummy easy to make recipes to make in bulk and freeze to enjoy through the week. Good preparation means you know what you're eating and can make with nice organic ingredients - wonderful for hormones too!

Hearty baked veggie stew:

Super easy to do and tastes great - just involves a bit of chopping. Also - you can pick and choose which veggies to use to suit you - throw ' em all in and enjoy!

Step 1: heat a large pan of boiling water with some organic vegetable stock - add to this: (chopped) courgettes, broccoli, cauliflower and aubergine. Heat until softened.

Step 2: heat up a bit of organic olive oil in a pan, finely chop some red onion and mushrooms and add them until they are browned

Step 3: get a nice big oven tray and in goes your softened veg and your onion and mushrooms. Add to this: couple of tins of finely chopped tomatoes (quantity depends on how tomatoey you like it), fresh garlic, sundried tomato paste, lentils (cooked), cayenne pepper and chilli flakes plus Worcester sauce (to your taste preference of course) and salt and pepper. Mix it all thoroughly.

Step 4: Wack in the oven for 45 mins to 1hr (180 degrees C) and to garnish some grated cheese and fresh coriander. Scrummy !!!


Finally - we are not saints and life is short so if you do want to have drinks or treats - don't beat yourself up just be smart with your portions and choices 1) dark chocolate not milk (darker the better) 2) have Greek yogurt and berries rather than a sugary treat 3) a spirit and soda with tonnes of fresh lime vs calorific wine.