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The bb robinson guide to Mykonos


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The bb robinson guide to Mykonos

Vicky Hersheson

We love the azure blue/white stone juxtaposition of Greece, and Mykonos is no exception - this is an instragramer's paradise. More than that though, it has some of bbr's favourite ingredients for a few days away:

  • 3hr flight from London 
  • Quick trip from the airport 
  • Ahhhmmaaazing food 
  • Phenomenal weather (watch the wind thou) 
  • And of course... beautiful sea and beaches

Here are our Mykonos must-do spots: 

There are a lot of hotels and service is generally great. However, we love staying at Boeheme Mykonos - gorgeous boutique hotel where the staff and setting couldn't be nicer: see @boeheme_mykonos. You won't be disappointed... 


Top lunch spots: 

For low-key Greek you cannot beat the iconic Kikis - no phone, no electricity so don't try and call for a resi. It's old school show up and wait your turn for fantastic local Greek cuisine at its best and phenomenal meat and fish on the grill. Plus you won't mind waiting when you see the view.... 

Another low-key local find is Fokos Taverna - off the beaten track (literally) in a beautiful cove. 

Hippy Fish: one word: 'lovely'. 

Then for those who fancy something a bit more lively.... 

Skorpios: on a spectacular cliff side - DJ, drinks, good food and a definite scene. Booking is a must. 

Alemagou: rustic chic on the beach and great for sun downers. They have a DJ and certain nights definitely turn in to quite the scene.

Nammos: the original scene - like old school St Tropez. Expect champagne and dancing on the tables until sun set. 

Spilla - which means 'Cave' - mykonos' version of Club 55. Get the sea urchins which they fish out and prepare in front of you... pretty crazy! 


For dinner: 

So much choice... but a couple of our favourites include: 

Katrin's: court-yard chic... 

Sea-Satin: Greek food right on the water - simplicity at its best. Gets quite lively as the night goes on... 

Finally - it's Greece - so head in to town and wonder the cobbled streets (so many shopping gems) - you'll have no trouble finding a nice spot - so far we have yet to be disappointed! 


Love the bb robinson team x