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Our Story


Our Story

We are a trio who have harnessed our family matriarch’s uber-chic, classic sense of style and MAJOR beach basket obsession and turned it in to a brand who is as committed to being socially and environmentally conscious as we are to being chic and travelling the world in the highest quality style.


We have been lucky enough to travel all over the world and one consistency is our mother’s ability to find the nearest local market to buy (***several***) beach-baskets.  So, over the years we’ve found a lot of inspiration; but, also frustration with brands who lack ethical-consciousness and the focus on quality that are important to us.


We also get frustrated when we pay a lot of money for a bag and it falls apart after just a summer. That’s not what we want; we want our products to be as durable and as good on a private jet as they are stuffed under a seat in economy.


Each bb robinson beach-basket is personalized with your initials and choice of colours, hand stitched (no glues or paints which easily fall apart or peel off) with - we like to think - all the little details thought of…. Including its own mini-personalised organic cotton insert bag to tuck away your sun-creams or valuables (we love this part – super useful!).


Love and happy adventuring

The bb robinson team x